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Melon Milkshake by Loaded 120ml

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Melon Milkshake by Loaded 120ml

Melon milkshake e-juice is true to its name and you will be surprised with the refreshing qualities of this e-liquid. When you’re vaping this juice, it will instantly remind you of a classic milkshake from your favorite diner joint. The velvety throat hit from the milky flavor will please the cloud chasers with rich clouds. The burst of fresh melons rides perfectly on the milky waves to give you a light and refreshing experience. The soft and rich milkshake flavor combined with melons makes for a perfectly blended e-juice. Lastly, the hint of honey is the cherry on top leaving you with a floral and sweet aftertaste!

Primary Flavors: Melon, Milkshake, Honey



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