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Churros & Milk by V'Nilla 60ml

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Churros & Milk by V'Nilla 60ml

f you love to chase those amazing, hard to find food trucks all around town in search of this delightful dessert that even those who shy away from dessert blends go crazy for, you're in luck! No more weekend afternoons will be taken up and you can get the instantaneous gratification you crave in the most convenient way possible. Let's be real, churros are one of those treats that no one can just stop at one with, if you had access to an entire truck full, you could probably eat them all. V'nilla E Liquid knows just how tough it is to limit yourself when you're faced with something that's so crisp, sweet and spicy swirling through your dreams every night. Churros & Milk combines the deep fried pastry snack with a tall glass of cool, creamy milk that makes for the perfect pairing. This juice really is the gift that keeps on giving, when you inhale this amazing juice you will feel more satisfied than you ever have in your entire life (even more than after cleaning out the all you can eat crab leg buffet!), a huge surge of positivity going to flow through you and you know what they say, a good attitude spreads! Forget about your waistline you'll be just as svelt and fit as ever even if you vape this juice every waking hour of the day. That's one of the most incredible things about being able to vape the flavors you hold so dear, all of the enjoyment completely guilt free. It's like a dream come true to be able to vape these scrumptious little treasures on the go, this is most definitely a juice that will become one of the main staples in your repertoire.

Primary Flavors: Churro, Milk



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